Borrow £100 to £1000 and repay weekly in manageable segments

Choose the amount you want to borrow and how many weeks you’d like to pay it back

Many payday lenders understand that it is not easy for all borrowers to repay loan as one big lump sum amount. So they offer loan repayments to be made weekly over a period of 13 to 52 weeks and named the product as weekly loans. This makes borrowing easy, plus the customer will have liberty to choose the repayment day which will remain same for all weeks. It is a nice way of borrowing higher payday cash advances since one can make a budget plan for weekly repayments. There is absolutely no additional cost or fees for paying loan back weekly. Fill the online application form through this website and we will try hard to locate a pay weekly lender for you. Select your loan amount, loan period and repayment date of your choice. Wait for few hours to receive loan proposal from the weekly lender which accepts you.

Negotiate a perfect weekly loan for you
  • Choose a repayment option that suits your budget
  • Avoid miss payments and unnecessary pressure
  • Select loan tenure and payment date of your choice in a week
  • Make weekly repayments without much trouble
  • No additional charges for repayment flexibility

Sometimes after selecting the best pay weekly loan deal, you may find difficulty in arranging the cash; speak to your lender about it. Under such circumstances, your lender can offer you more flexibility in loan repayment schedule. You can either get a loan extension or a complete loan roll over at some additional charges. Guarantor is not required for such requests. But if you do not make an attempt to update the lender about your tough financial circumstances, they could involve collection services to recover the debt. The lenders also have the right to use the Continuous Payment Authority to continuously make attempts of directly debiting their loan amount from your account for further 90 days.

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Implications of Non Payment

In case of non-payment of a weekly loan installment the lender might try to make a contact with you to understand your problem. They may offer you to pick up the alternate repayment day in a week, failing which you can be charged a penalty. Initially this penalty amount seems affordable, but it can multiply several times if the repayment is delayed further. You can also face adverse implications like adding a negative remark within your credit register therefore making it harder for you to find credit in future.

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